About “Persephone”

My name is not Persephone but that’s what you’ll know me as. I’ve been living in a prison for the past X years and it makes me feel like my life is meaningless. So I’ve decided to take my experiences of living with chronic pain, migraines and bipolar and share what it’s doing to me.

Maybe it will help someone and then maybe my life can have an impact on the world that reaches beyond the walls of my house.

I hope I can remain commited to this. It’s gonna be tough remembering to post since I have cognitive issues along with everything else. That said, I don’t plan to make this a whiny blog or an “Oh, woes me” thing.

There are people out there suffering far worse fates. I know because I watch ID on a regular basis ;).

Anyhow, I want to not only be candid and show a glimpse into my mind and my personal Hades, but also maybe make others feel like they’re not alone.

Being homebound is incredibly painful. I miss my friends. But the worse part about it is that years go by, I age, my friends kids go from babies to junior high graduates (some are college grads!), wrinkles and grey hair accumulate, but literally nothing else changes. Nothing.

It’s as if I’m in a bizarre time machine. I feel like life stopped for me but time kept moving on for everyone else. The Matrix seems more and more real every day. Just not as cool.

Now I’m at an age where I might not be able to have kids. Physically, I don’t feel like I’ve changed but “suddenly” I can’t have kids. So my future family is gone. At least the one I thought I’d have.

There is a chance and there are other options but it feels like someone murdered my family.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop now because this hurts and I’m starting to cry and it’s only 12:30pm on a Wednesday. Gotta get shit done. Hope you like this blog and you get something out of it.